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Villains and superheroes #Blogtober day 22

Chris and I are watching the 3rd season of Gotham at the moment and really enjoying it. It is fun trying to work out how the characters in this prequel relate to our knowledge of them in their futures.


The thing that winds me up about superheroes is that they are too GOOD and the baddies always get away. Usually the villains are more entertaining and fun which is probably why Gotham works so well, while the heroes are a little dull or deeply flawed.
Films like X Men have tried to redress the balance slightly but I haven’t bothered going to the cinema to see a superhero film in a LONG time as it is not my favourite genre.
Matthew has gone through an Iron Man obsession but the films are not suitable for him yet 🙁
That is his hero face in case you are wondering!
There has also been a lot of semi nudity as he rips his top off to become Hulk. Indeed, ‘Hulk SMASH!’ has got to be one of the most unhelpful film quotes of all time!
Last month I wrote that Chris may be a superhero due to his ability to parent so easily. Maybe I do have a thing for superheroes after all…

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