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Wednesday 14th September

Why is it that the kids (and therefore me) oversleep on the day I actually have to go in to a meeting?! And I need to get Anya’s lunchbox ready for preschool and make up bottles for Zach to have at Mum’s. Plus listen to Matthew’s latest hour long speech about lego… (which started up again on the way home from school, eeek!)

Work took a lot longer than I’d imagined. I thought the meeting would be about an hour so two and a half hours since dropping off baby Zach, I was starting to get a teeny bit stressed. Also as I’m breastfeeding, I was leaking which is very distracting šŸ™ TMI?

Hurrah the important news: my Asda delivery came so I had cheese and tomato toasties for lunch (eventually at 2pm).

Pureed some swede for Zach… my house now stinks! The rest of the delivery is crammed onto every available surface, into every cupboard and the fridge. Guess I won’t be cleaning the kitchen this week (my plan was to make it vaguely hygienic).

Matt came home with 2 bits of homework, poor love. I genuinely believe that 6 year olds shouldn’t have weekly homework, they’re just too tired after school, and they have to practise reading too.

Anya has brought home the class bear. My heart sank, now I have to think of something interesting to do… Oh wait: it’s her birthday on Sunday! Yay, I have something to write about!

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