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A quick trip to Canterbury

Last month we went to Canterbury for an afternoon after a family party. There were so many places to choose from but we had a little wander before picking a couple of sights to see.
Our first place of note was The Crooked House which is now a charming bookshop. Built in 1617, the house even features in Charles Dickens’ book David Copperfield. The house began bulging in to the street as the higher storeys were added. This was a common feature of old buildings as tax was paid on the area of the ground floor only.
Our next stop for sightseeing was the War Memorial just outside the cathedral. I love the closeness of it to the cathedral for commemoration and remembrance.


The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge is a free museum and gallery (Chris’ nephew once had some of his art exhibited here!)


There are plenty of displays on different natural materials and areas of interest from all around the world.


There were no interactive displays and some exhibits had been removed due to Covid restrictions. However, there were many things to see and do including an area to draw or write before adding to the wall.



Our final destination in Canterbury was the cathedral. There was a concert rehearsal taking place during our visit whihch was lovely to listen to and very atmospheric.



The soaring and intircate archtitecture is fascinating and beautiful. I always have a sense of peace in a cathedral and love trying to imagine the generations that have visited in the past.


I was truly surprised that there was so little information about Thomas Becket. Surely one of the most famous events to take place in Canterbury! I did think that the cross with swords representing the knights was quite powerful.



Outside the cathedral are gardens and ruins. Plus I spotted some regal additions to the external walls. Finally was the enormous war horse.



Have you ever been to Canterbury and which sights did you see?

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