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Days out with dogs: Cliveden

As the rainy winter clings on, I find it lovely to look back at our summer visit to Cliveden back in June. Once again we’d taken advantage of the voucher offer in the newspaper and went exploring with the pups!

The long avenue paths were magnificent and the kids and dogs loved exploring around the trees. I felt completely immersed in nature and the greenery was soothing.

There is a substantial amount of the estate that is accessible to dogs. The estate has a 2 pawprinted rating so there are few areas they cannot go in. I did feel frustrated as there were dogs allowed off lead but this doesn’t suit our boys who are scared of other dogs.
The house itself is now a hotel so we didn’t venture inside but ti looked magnificent from the outside! We had a lot of excitement at one point when a helicopter landed in a field and depositied some guests.

We had a lovely day out together and could easily have stayed all day with a picnic and another loop or two exploring the grounds.

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