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Don’t let avoidable problems ruin you summer day out!

We love getting out and about in the summer sun. And no one wants to talk about your day out of summer fun being ruined. But I will anyway!

It feels like you’re tempting fate when you set out to avoid the worst. Why would you consider the problems, when you’re too busy anticipating how enjoyable it’ll be to get away from everything for awhile? It’s like inviting these problems on to yourself!
While it might not be the most exciting thing you’ll contemplate this summer, there is some truth in the old saying: you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. While a day out might be all kinds of fun and a welcome break from your normal routine, there’s no guarantee it’s going to go as well as you hope it will. It therefore makes sense – if you can steel yourself to do it – to be ready for any potential minor problems, in the hope you can prevent them from becoming major.
I have no way of knowing what kind of day out you are planning, but there are a few uniting factors that can impact most of the leisure days that families will take over the coming months. So if the following were to occur, what would you do about them?

Ruiner #1: Getting Stuck In Traffic
It’s a bright, hot, glorious summer day – the likes of which we don’t often get the chance to experience in the UK. And lucky you, it’s coincided with that day trip you and the family have been planning for months now. You don your sunglasses, head to the car, get onto the motorway and then… everything grinds to a halt. It turns out that everyone else has seen the beauty of the weather and there’s resultant traffic as far as the eye can see.
Perhaps the worst part of this scenario is the fact it won’t take long for your kids to be bored. Couple this with an ever-increasing heat inside the car, and you’ll be stuck in a tin can with many fractured tempers before you even know it. Distractions, games, and a steady supply of water are a must. (I Spy is a nightmare as Anya can’t spell!)

Ruiner #2: Minor Car Accidents
If the above annoys you, then it’s fair to assume it’s going to annoy the rest of the populace as well. That means the roads, as a whole, become more difficult to navigate. People speed to try and make up the time lost sitting in traffic. The irritability makes them less cautious… and bang.
Minor car accidents are an annoyance at the best of times. You have to deal with insurance, contact the likes of http://www.bridgestonecanberra.com.au/vehicle-repairs/, and deal with being without your car for a few days. During summer, however, this is made all the more annoying by the heat and inconvenience. If you’re going more than 50 miles from home, it might genuinely be better to consider hiring a car for the day, so all of that is taken care of by someone else (I’ve never thought of this before! but after Chris had someone scrape down the side of his car and we both had battery problems, I can see how great an idea it is!).
Ruiner #3: Sunburn
Did you know it’s possible to burn even when you think you’ve applied sunscreen? This is especially worrisome for children, who have more delicate skin. The major cause of burning despite sunscreen is improper application or not reapplying often enough – you should be recoating any exposed skin after two hours. It’s worth busting a few of the other sunscreen myths as listed at http://www.sunsmart.com.au/uv-sun-protection/10-myths-about-sun-protection too, so you can ensure everyone in the family is protected. A good day is quickly made miserable if your skin is sore and inflamed!
Whatever you are up to this summer, have a great time and stay safe!

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  1. I am totally one of those people that let things ride me for like days! But I need to let go, because it doesnt just affect my day, but those around me, which is not great.

  2. I always have the suncream to hand – even in the usually rainy England we get the odd scorcher of a day. Didn’t really cross my mind about little car accidents, but i keep a log of my insurance in the car in case I did have one, so i guess i’m a bit prepared!

  3. I’m really funny about sun cream and always have LOADS of spares in various places. Mr C not so much though, and regularly lets himself accidentally burn. But he knows by now not to moan about it if it’s his own fault haha!! #RV&HT

  4. Minor car accidents scare me! I don’t tend to worry about things going wrong, if I managed to get them all out the house without fighting then I feel like a winner! A x #RVHT

  5. My youngest is always happy to have sunscreen on – she even asks me to put it on before she goes outside. In contrast my 6 year old will wriggle and fight and I always worry I’ve missed a bit and she will get burnt!

  6. Jasmin N

    Sunscreen is so important thing to remember, even though it gets forgotten pretty easily whilst having fun haha! Wonderful tips 🙂

  7. I’m one of those people that totally over prepare! My mind constantly thinks of things that could go wrong throughout the day, it’s just the kind of person I am haha x

  8. I managed to get burnt on Saturday afternoon while eating lunch in the garden. I didn’t realise until my husband pointed it out later on. I’m awful for getting burnt, I could easily burn under a light bulb I reckon!!!

  9. I am definitely one of those unprepared people that’s gets really worked up if something is ruined. Especially if I’d planned a really great day out and something goes to pot! Especially with having a child now you have to be more prepared don’t you, they really don’t like not being able to do what they really want haha xx

  10. I have suntan lotion in the car, and I use an up-to-the-minute sat nav to help me avoid road congestion, but sometimes these things are unavoidable. Like you said, it’s better to be prepared for the worst case scenarios x

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