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Holiday 2022: Tintagel Castle, Merlin’s Cave and Launceston

Our English Heritage membership covered two of our visits on this day.
We started with Tintagel Castle which is a huge sprawling landmark all over a cliff. Its history is linked to the legend of King Arthur. There was lots to explore and the kids enjoyed following our progress on the map.

We clambered down onto the beach to visit Merlin’s Cave. TheĀ  trip down was a bit hairy as the steps had broken away, making this inaccessible to anyone with mobility issues.

Next we headed back inland, and had lunch at the Launceston Steam Railway before walking around the town. We visited St Mary Magdalene Church which was built in the 1500s as a memorial to a beloved child.


Our final stop on this day was to Launceston Castle which was also English Heritage. There were a lot of steps but the views were magnificent. At the base of the castle are the foundations of other buildings and a lovely grassy space for children to relax and play.

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