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Holiday 2022: Torquay: Kents Cavern and Dinosaur World

Our first of two trips to Torquay saw us exploring the prehistory of the region. We began in Kents Cavern which is a truly humbling experience as we learn about the origins of humanity. The cavern is beautiful but difficult to photograph!


The total cost for the five of us was £67. We had an amazing guide called Kristina who was funny and so full of information which she delivered in an entertaining way to appeal to adults and children alike. The tour lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

There are also things to explore outside the caves. The children admired displays of artefacts and explored in sand for their own. Then outside was a woodland trail with life sized models and information.

Next we went to Dinosaur World which cost £6.95 per ticket. There was a fun mix of dioramas and fossil displays.
We were given a quiz for children to complete as well as the attraction having a range of models for them to climb on. I really loved the recreation of the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park. Zach compared himself to a dino bone and Matthew put his head in a T Rex mouth!

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