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Holiday 2022: Truro Cathedral, Land’s End and St Ives

We did a lot of driving on this day! We broke up the journey with a stop off at Truro Cathedral. This is free to enter and a magnificent building.

One of my favourite parts of the cathedral was the Robartes Memorial which is actually 250 years older than the building itself! It was moved inside after the demolition of the church which originally stood on the site. Everyone comments on her bored expression!
After this short break, we carried on to Land’s End. The area itself is quite commercial and we chose not to queue for an official picture at the famous sign. The natural landscape sights were stunning and we had a lovely time walking along the coastline.
For some reason Matthew was obsessed with the idea of visiting St Ives. We were only too happy to oblige even though it was raining when we arrived. Goodness there were some steep streets and steps to get from the carpark to the town! The first beach was stony and Anya had a go at making a stone tower.

We then enjoyed some relaxation on the sandy beach despite a seagull stealing Chris’ ice cream and no swimming costumes or spare clothes!

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