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IoW2017: Quarr Abbey and Bembridge Windmill

Whilst up in the north east section of the Isle of Wight we decided to visit a couple more sights.
First we headed to Quarr Abbey, a site which consists of the ruins on the original abbey destroyed after the Reformation and a new working abbey closeby.
Matthew and Anya were thrilled to test out the organ and make lots of noise. Sadly we couldn’t look around the new abbey as there was a recital taking place to show off the repaired organ.
The scenery was stunning and peaceful but it was a shame we couldn’t get closer to the ruins themselves.
We bundled back in the car and drove to Bembridge which is the only working windmill on the island.
We had already decided that we wouldn’t go inside due to the steep stairs (a lesson learned from last year’s trip to Green’s Windmill in Nottingham) but it was a great place to enjoy the scenery and peace and quiet of the countryside.
Time to head back to the Carthouse for the evening!


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