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IoW2017: The Needles


I think (but I’m not sure) that the children are being needles in this photo…
We arrived here very early and got started on the rather lengthy walk to get as close to the Needles as possible.
What I didn’t realise was how much there was to do at the Needles in terms of attractions. We bought saver tickets, 12 for £9 and set out to enjoy the rides. If the children had been older we would have gone down to the beach on the chair lift but it wasn’t really feasible due to their ages and the pushchair. Good news for us: the queue was dreadfully long!
We went on the car ride which was fun and then the tea cup ride. We visited the sweet making shop and the glass blowing workshop but it was a bit stressful with 3 kids (wanting every sweet in the place and veering terrifyingly near thousands of pounds worth of glass, eeeeeek!)
Lunch was amazing. When I ordered the jacket potato I thought it was hideously overpriced but when it arrived I was very impressed. It was sooooo tasty and filling.
My favourite amusement arcade game was there, the 2p machines! I have passed my enjoyment on to the kids 🙂
We had one last ride on the cars and then headed off to explore more of the island.


  1. your children make beautiful needles!! I love the isle of wright! we went when i was younger during the autumn school break and it was the windiest experience of my life!!! id love to go again as my other half has family over there

  2. Such a great way to have a family bonding. The view, the foods and the place is so amazing. I am also so happy to see that the kids really are having a lot of fun.

  3. I love the photo of them pretending to be needles. What a fun place to visit. My daughter would love the car rides and the teacups. But I too would be avoiding the sweets and the glass making shop! Eeeek! It looks like you all had a really fab day out in a beautiful place. x

  4. Wow – this is somewhere I really want to visit and have never got round to. There’s lots to do there! I love that first picture where your children are being needles, bless them! Haha!

  5. Looks like you had a fab time and the weather looks great !! Definitely on my list the Isle of Wright, even more so now I have seen The Needles. Love the picture on the penny slots our copper jar is empty after Lucas discovered these !

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