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Lidl shopping haul and gluten free bargains

Last week I ventured to our local Lidl. I was AMAZED. I normally visit only to see what the weekly special offers are rather than investigate the groceries so had no idea what a great range they have available.

I have to highlight the vegetable lasagne. It is vegetarian and gluten free and it is in amongst the normal frozen ready meals and is the same price as others in the range. No ridiculous and unfair hike in price. BRILLIANT!

OK so it didn’t look quite as tempting as the pic of the front but it didn’t look awful and the taste was seriously yum!
(Update: I have been back in and bought another 4 to stock up the freezer but just keep eating them so already down to just 1!)
The chocolate and plain digestives were on offer and only 49p which is a great offer.
I bought the chocolate brownie mix which cost only £1.29 and I made them on Friday.
The instructions were super easy and the brownies are pretty good. They are crunchy on top and gooey and chewy underneath. The serving size says 6 but I cut it into 9 pieces which were all a decent size to go with a cuppa.


  1. I have been impressed with Lidl and Aldi for some time. We flock to the bigger supermarkets because that’s what we’re used to but I’ve started to explore Lidl and Aldi a lot more and can always pick up some great products. Love their fruit and veg aisle.

  2. good to know about their gluten free range. I use Aldi a lot and would use Lidl too is it weren’t 28 miles away to the nearest but I believe we are getting one soon .#dreamteam

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