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Step away from the wheat! Things I miss since becoming wheat free

I stopped eating wheat in 2001 after being diagnosed with a wheat allergy. On the day of my diagnosis I had eaten toast for breakfast, pasta for lunch and pizza for tea. My life changed forever and here are a few things I miss:
  • eating huge bowls of pasta. Now I’m eating pasta costing at least double the price I ration myself.
  • being able to eat out without planning WAY in advance. Spontaneity is not my friend
  • quick trips to the supermarket. Now every label must be checked or there will be severe disappointment when I get home
  • just accepting a biscuit. So many times people offer me one and then remember and get all embarrassed that they don’t have anything else suitable. Or I take my own and they HAVE got me something so then I feel bad thinking the worst 🙁
  • Monster Munch. Maltesers. Smarties. Pringles. Chocolate eclairs. Onion rings. Ice cream cones. Crusty bread fresh from the bakery. And many more…
I consider myself lucky that I got my diagnosis and can get on with my life without being covered in spots. This week is Coeliac Disease Awareness Week (8-14th May). This is raising awareness for the often misdiagnosed condition and explaining how gluten free isn’t a fad diet but an essential part of a healthy life for sufferers.


  1. I don’t have a wheat intolerance myself, but something I can’t stand at the moment is the fad going on with people not eating gluten for no other reason than the fact that they think it healthier and because everyone else is doing it – I’m glad to hear someone talking about it who does have a genuine reason to be wheat free… Although sorry to hear that you are, I’m sure that was quite the adjustment, but great that you were diagnosed and are able to lead a lifestyle that works for you. #TheListLinky

  2. It must be hard for you to be gluten free especially since many people adopt it as a fad and not like yourself, for genuine health reasons. Do you find people don’t think you have a genuine medical need because of this? After a recent illness I have had to adopt a low residue diet and am really missing brown bread and brown pasta. I cannot imagine how restrictive it must be for you to have to have no wheat at all in your diet. #thelistlinky

  3. I tried to give up wheat while doing an auto-immune diet. It’s so difficult so well done for sticking to it. I have now gone gluten free instead.

  4. Ahh I thought I was celiac for a while (turned out to just be IBS!) and spent a year avoiding wheat, it was awful!! :/ Wheat free is always full of holes, wheat free pasta is god awful…and its all SO expensive. Not fair really!

  5. I did not really realise the benefit of a wheat free diet and the effects it can actually have on our body. But I don think I could give up Monster Munch

  6. Mercy (Zen Maud)

    Learned something new about the gluten free diet from your post. Good job on staying focused on your diet.

  7. Hi Laura, being intolerant of any food must be awful. I have a friend how has to follow a gluten-free diet and it’s nice to see how many places now offer gluten-free options when eating out. It must be torture going into the bakers though!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  8. Emma

    Ah I have a family member who has coeliac disease and it really does affect things, but over time we’ve gotten used to it and have adapted around it. I’m glad you’ve gotten your diagnosis and can begin living life around it.

  9. Oh my good lord I am not sure how I would survive with the amount of wheat I consume daily. I guess if it’s a health decision then I would have to won’t I.

  10. My partner is intolerant to yeast so has cut out a lot of wheat and gluten products as they contain yeast and it is very hard – there are a lot of comfort foods that contain it but it is for the best

    Laura x

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