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Wheat Sucks! Adam Cooks Everything

Wheat Sucks!
That’s not just my opinion but also that of Adam from Adam Cooks Everything! Check out his website and – even more tantalisingly – his YouTube channel!
I have written previously about my own struggle with a wheat free diet since my diagnosis of a wheat allergy in 2001. Adam’s wife and son have coeliac disease so as well as wheat, they also have to avoid rye, barley and some varieties of oats. Adam became committed to finding recipes that the whole family can enjoy and set up the Wheat Sucks element to his website and YouTube channel. Every month he will be adding a new recipe to the playlist so keep a look out!

Take a look at his brownie sundae with balsamic figs.
I have a confession, I have never had a fig before but put with a brownie and I’m sold on the idea! (I love the bit of the video where Adam sends viewers off to get one 🙂 ). Figs will definitely be on our next shopping list!
The video makes this look super easy to bake:

The ingredients and recipe for this scrumptious pud are here: http://adamcookseverything.com/recipe/gluten-free-brow%E2%80%A6amic-fig-compote/
Actually, Adam’s website and channel are so much more than just specialising in gluten free.
There are recipes to suit all tastes and one that I’d like to try as soon as possible is the fried eggs with a twist. There is also a Frozen inspired cocktail for parents who have spent too long watching the film 🙂 Plus loads more!
There are also vegetarian delights! You may know by now I’m a veggie, so combined with the wheat allergy, eating can be tricky! There are recipes on the website for a sweet potato casserole and a red lentil sweet potato souffle which sound amazing: both are wheat free and vegetarian, yay!
Head over and check out what you’ll be making first!

*I reviewed Adam’s YouTube channel via Bloggers Required but have received no payment for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I LOVE FIGS. I love the idea of the wheat free brownie with balscamic figs. That’s so helpful that he makes delicious wheat free recipes. I prefer watching videos nowadays to reading recipes. I find it a lot easier to make things while I’m watching video instructions. x

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