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5 things to consider when planning a holiday

It’s that time of year again when we are thinking ahead to the summer and planning our holiday! There are some things that need to be considered to find the perfect choice:
The first thing I have in mind when looking for a holiday is a vague idea of location. I usually narrow this down to 2 or 3 places and this year I was considering Norfolk, Suffolk or Sussex. We like to choose places that are quite central so that we have more options for days out including wet weather opportunities.
Guests and sleeping arrangements
Several of the properties we looked at had 2 bedrooms and then a bed in the living room and this doens’t suit us. The boys will share a room as they do at home but Anya often gets lonely so I end up sleeping in her room. We used to enjoy staying in hotels but it is now more awkward as we would need 2 rooms.
Property requirements
For us, a garden is essential as our kids love to play outdoors. This year we are taking the dogs with us so an outdoor space is even more important. Two toilets/bathrooms is desirable for us and offers us a treat as we only have 1 at home! The kids love a shower and ours has been broken for ages. Food plans will also determine the type of meal preparation area needed. We intend to have a main meal in the evening so need the capacity to cook. Alternatively a hotel would usually provide a food option but those with a limited diet might struggle.
Local facilities
Are there shops or a pub within walking distance. If you have dogs then is there a good place to walk them nearby? Holiday parks may have additional facilities such as a games room or swimming pool and we have enjoyed these in the past but thought the noise and traffic might disturb the dogs.
Travel and check in/out
The last thing I think about is the travel arrangements and check in times. How long will it take to reach the property and where can we go on the way. What time is check out and where can you go on the way home? Will you have enough time to pack etc? What is the parking like?
Have you planned your holiday yet and where are you going?

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