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Wales 2018: Castell Coch, Tintern Abbey and Chepstow then home!

Our final day in Wales dawned cloudy and drizzly. We packed up the car and dropped the keys off before starting our road trip back home. As we headed south towards Swansea and the M4, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. By the time we reached our first stop the sun was shining and warmed us up!
We looked around the beautiful Castell Coch. The fairytale nature was slightly spoiled by the scaffolding around it! This is a Victorian castle built on ancient foundations. The decor is quite something!

Next stop was just a few minutes down the road to have a McDonalds (our first and only one of the holiday!)
Back on the road, we drove in and out of Wales to the spectacular Tintern Abbey. The vastness of the ruins is truly remarkable and it really is a photographer’s dream!

Once again we popped back to England briefly before stopping at Chepstow to visit the castle and stand on the Old Wye Bridge. This is another memory from my childhood: standing on the bridge with one foot in Wales and one in England!

The sun was shining brighter than ever as we made our way along the M4 and back home again. The heatwave hadn’t left and our garden was a bit of a desert! What a contrast to the wet but fabulous Wales!


  1. Tracey Abrahams

    Oh I live just up the road from Chepstow and spend most weekends there. Its a beautiful old town, and I love the castle.

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