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No, not the sports slogan.

This is my frequent plea to my children. I ask nicely, I ask louder, I yell.



Are children biologically programmed not to follow instructions?! Anya in particular has a vacant look that glazes her eyes every time I ask her to do something. Matthew went through a phase about 18 months ago where he genuinely didn’t seem to hear anything that was said to him unless it was shouted. I considered that he might have a hearing problem but in fact he was just a child. Zach is too young to follow instructions but I am trying to teach him ‘no’ especially when he is biting me and laughing hysterically at my agony and the resultant teethmarks in my cheek/shoulder/calf. 🙁

‘pleeeeeeease just do it’

I think it is the vagueness and surprise at my ‘just do it!’ that really grates on me each time. How are they surprised that it is winding me up when they spend the rest of their time complaining that the others aren’t listening to them?! To be honest I bet you’re thinking why is SHE surprised when it happens day in day out. Well, it is the triumph of hope over experience!

I think part of the problem is that before we have kids we are used to dealing with adults who either follow our instructions or give a valid alternative. Then we have kids. Logic and reason fly out of the window. At some point they will just do things automatically without being asked seventeen times (or maybe even at all!): is this a gradual thing or will it just suddenly happen? (Don’t destroy my hopes by telling me about belligerent teenagers!)

Look at those innocent faces. You wouldn’t think they could drive someone mad, would you?!

Absolutely Prabulous


  1. Tabitha Siklos

    Glad it’s not just me. Now I know why my own mum got so fed up with us – and I thought she was just being unreasonable! I have three young ones too so I hope it gets better but I’m not convinced… #marvmondays

  2. Oh I can’t wait for my now 20 month old to at least answer back because at the moment he chooses to tantrum and when you don’t understand them just do it doesn’t really work! All good fun though!!? #candidcuddles

  3. Aaah yes, the change from dealing solely with adults, who easily follow instructions, to belligerent drunks (children!) Mine are just the same, and I imagine it’ll probably go on until they’re adults-I’m keeping my expectations low!!

  4. OH don’t get me started!! Maybe we were like this as kids and we don’t remember? I know I grew up in a very strict household so you just did as you were told but funnily enough, I do remember my almost banging her head against the wall in frustration so maybe my memory is rubbish. “Why won’t you listen?”…words most uttered by my mouth. Ugh. Thanks for joining #candidcuddles!

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