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Matthew: Goodbye primary school and thank you!

Things are a teeny bit emotional in our house this week as Matthew completed his final days in primary school. Things ended two days early as his bubble burst Wednesday night at 8pm 🙁
So, the little bundle I gave birth to is moving to secondary school! Time for a look back 🙂
Year R. The first day of school!

Year 2. The final year at the infants
Year 3: The first day at junior school.

Year 5. Before covid, before an unsettled two years of lockdowns and remote learning.
Year 6 almost done. Here is Matthew a couple of weeks ago when he went to a tea party at the secondary school

And now this week when I forced him to walk a little way with me.

Matthew has greatly enjoyed his time at infant and junior school and is anxious about the move to the comp. The nerves of being the oldest child, facing the future before the others is something I can relate to. Matthew is so like me, whether he wants to be or not!
I am so incredibly proud of the thoughtful, intelligent young man Matthew is and I hope he celebrates his quirks and enjoys where life takes him even as my heart breaks for the child he once was…


  1. Aww what a shame that he didn’t get to finish the week. My daughter didn’t either but she’s in year 5 so has another year to go. It’s a huge change going to secondary school but hopefully he’ll settle in well 🙂

  2. The bubbles burst for all mine too, it is such a shame, but I really feel for Matthew as a Yr6 leaver. Moving schools is scarym but hopefully some of his friends will be there with him and it always surprises me how quickly they make more

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