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Tips for watching films with children

We have just completed the Marvel film series and have watched many films overs the last few months (yay, lockdown!) It wasn’t a relaxing experience…
Here are my top tips for coping with watching films with children:
Let them choose the film.
Don’t pick a film that you actually want to see or one you haven’t seen before. The kids will pick up on it and you won’t enjoy a single second.
Prepare snacks, lots of snacks.
Their interest will only last as long as the popcorn. We currently watch a film is two halves over two days while eating a picnic tea so they are occupied for an hour at a time.
Turn the volume up, high!
Zach ignores the fact we are watching a film and goes off to play loudly (in the same room!) as soon as the food is gone. Plus you need to be able to hear the dialogue over the noise of munching.
Beware of spoilers.
Matthew has watched every video on YouTube so he knows every plot development and will tell you something that happens in 3 films’ time

Questions, questions and more bloomin’ questions!
Anya does not sit and enjoy a film at face value. She is always thinking ahead. A curious mind is a great thing but not when watching a film. Take Captain America which we watched recently. A car door slams and feet walk across the shot. “Who’s that?” Anya instantly asks. She looked at me incredulously as I revealed I had no idea as I had not memorised every character’s shoes in advance.
Do you ever enjoy a relaxing film with your kids? If so, HOW???




  1. Now that my girls are older they still watch a whole film. Well as long as it’s not as long as the likes of the last 2 Avenger films. They will still ask me questions like who’s that, is so and so going to do something. I don’t know, just watch! lol

  2. This so made me chuckle!
    We have only recently tried a family cinema night, Edward lasted 20 minutes before he started jumping around in front of the TV and repeated everything they were saying. #ParentPower

  3. I love watching movies with my kids, particularly the ones I loved as a child. The only thing that does my head in is THE CONSTANT questions, though. My husband does it too. Drives me mad! 🙂

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