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What’s in Zach’s preschool bag?

OK so this is my third time of setting a child on their education journey at the wonderful local preschool. I think that nearly qualifies me as an expert in what to pack for a preschool session (because basically I’ve learned from my mistakes from Matthew and Anya!)
Here are the contents of Zach’s bag:

  • nappies, wipes, nappy bags
  • at least one full change of clothes, ‘dress for mess’! Make sure you include socks!
  • boots as outside play happens in all weather
  • not pictured but a donation for snack
  • not pictured but a toy (Zach doesn’t have a special toy to take in but Matthew took his comforter)
If your child is slightly older and potty trained then their potty or toilet seat as well as extra changes of clothes in case of accidents.
In winter add hats, gloves, scarves but make sure they are labelled! In summer add a sun hat plus apply sunscreen before leaving home and put in the bag for reapplication if required.



  1. There is just so much to pack in those bags. Drives me nuts sometimes!!! EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT!!! 🙂 Although Zach does look like he appreciates it! #globalblogging

  2. That’s great that you’re so prepared for his preschool days – at least as for as the backpack:) Best of luck to you and to him through the preschool years. #GlobalBlogging

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