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100 years of women’s right to vote

A century of women voting. It seems like a long time but it isn’t.
100 years ago women were granted the right to vote if they were over 30. It took another 10 years for ALL women to win the same rights.
And obviously 100 years is nothing compared to the hundreds of years that men have had that right, although remember that all men only got the vote 100 years ago today as well (42% of men couldn’t vote before 1918!).

My great grandmothers did not have the right to vote. It seems incredible that women I knew should have lived in a time when they had no voting rights.
Last year in the lead up to the General Election I begged men and women to go out to vote. Both sexes had to battle to win universal suffrage and I believe it should be compulsory but that there should also be an option for ‘none of the above’ due to my own disillusionment with the established political regime.

I studied Women’s Studies as part of my degree at university. 18 years on I cannot believe the way that women are still regarded as inferior, particularly as demonstrated through the gender pay gap and the sexual harrassment which are commonplace in some of the world’s most famous institutions.

I have 2 boys and a girl. I regard them as equals. I want them to have the same opportunities and life experiences that are not in any way affected by their gender. I want them to have freedom of choice and not feel restrained by society’s norms.
Men and women are equal but different. Gender fluidity and the reimagination of gender boundaries can only be positive in the fight for true equality. We should all be respected and have the same chances in life irrespective of gender and without fear of sexual violence.


  1. I’ve always loved the suffragrettes and been fascinated by them, I know there is a lot to be done to achieve full equality; but they sacrificed so much for us all!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  2. You and me both! Voting and being informed is so important. Thank goodness for the suffragettes and others who fought for women to have the vote and other rights we now take for granted. It’s not so long ago that women were property.

  3. Pre-1870s, this country didn’t even have a secret ballot! Who everyone voted for is marked on the electoral register, for all time. (Oddly enough, this tended to lead to corruption.)

    Awesome post! 🙂


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  5. I also believe that voting is hugely important. And with regards your query about there being a ‘none of the above’ option then you need to leave your ballot paper blank. This is what you do if you want to say you are voting but not for anyone that’s running. I wrote a blog post about it because so many people don’t know this. If you just don’t vote because you don’t like any of the candidates then it is assumed that you don’t care, but if you leave your ballot paper blank then your vote is very much counted – allbeit not for an actual candidate. #blogstravaganza

  6. I think it should be compulsory too. It’s a shame so many people don’t exercise their right to vote when our ancestors dies for the privilege.

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂

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