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Go out and vote!

Tomorrow it is the General Election. Yet another one *rolls eyes*

Don’t worry I’m going to get all political on you. I can’t. I actually have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow. Where will I place my X?
Usually it is easy but I believe in a little bit of each and hate a little bit of each as well. Last time I confess to spoiling my ballot paper as I felt so strongly that no party or local MP (and certainly no leader) adequately represented my views. (I think I may have actually written ‘none of the above’ on my paper).
So do I vote strategically? Should I vote for the leader? Do I focus on local issues? Pick a policy I feel strongest about and vote based on that? Follow my head or my heart?
Watching the outcome of the Brexit result and the US election with increasing incredulity, I know I have to make a decision and when confronted by the ballot I will choose.
Please vote. It only takes a few minutes. Please vote. The effects could last for years. PLEASE VOTE!


  1. I have always voted since I was able to. I know who I am voting for. I wrote a piece after the last election about the lack of people placing their vote, hope I don’t have to write another similar one after tomorrow.

  2. When I voted here in the US for the president I wasn’t happy with either candidate that our media was forcing on the general public. I had done my research and voted for an independent Jill Stein. She didn’t win obviously and I knew that she wouldn’t because unfortunately most American voters are sheep and will only vote for either Republican or Democrat but this was my little way of honoring my civic duty while also protesting the freak show that was our presidential campaign. That’s how I chose to go into the voting booth that day but I will admit that up until that day I was still unsure about who I was going to vote for. Voting these days has become just as much of an anxiety inducer as anything else so I can understand you apprehension on the matter. Who do you vote for? That’s always the question.

  3. I totally agree. I hate being told who to vote for, but think everyone should vote! I voted for the manifesto I felt most strongly reflected what I wanted. Which isn’t who I normally vote for. I didn’t decide fully until this morning. #coolmumclub

  4. It’s so important to vote and have your say. I think it’s difficult because, as you say, there is very rarely a party that is the perfect fit for you. I am not a big follower of politics but I always make sure I do my research for the elections and choose as best I can. Let’s see what happens… #sharingthebloglove

  5. I will be going out to vote shortly. I usually vote green but this time I am going tactical. However, where I am that means Lib Dems to get Tories out. I figured it I am going for the strategic vote I should do it properly – Labour won’t get the seat here and I want my vote to count!

  6. I have spoiled by ballot paper in the past, but this time I feel I need to cast a vote even though I’m in a safe seat. It’s been a tough decision as I know my vote wont make a difference to the outcome, but I thought when they are talking about percentage of votes for each party which message do I want to be a part of.

  7. MMT

    I think it’s taken me to age 36 to realise how important politics and voting is! I did it first thing this morning.

    Thanks for linking with #coolmumclub

  8. Emma

    It’s so important to vote. Hopefully lots of people will have done. I found it harder than usual to make my decision this year but ultimately I went with my heart x

  9. You’re quite right. I postal vote so that there is no risk that I miss it. I’m think the outcome for my borough is predetermined because it’s not changed in forever, but I have still cast my vote because you never know when it could make a difference. Hope you managed to make the decision when faced with the paper! #SharingTheBlogLove and #CoolMumClub

  10. I voted. for me I had made my mind up quite a while ago, but as time went on and you heard so many different opinions it think it makes you question what you think.

  11. I voted but it wasn’t easy. I wanted one party to get in in my local area, and another one to lead the country. I think it’s time they updated the system!

    Louise x

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