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5 reasons to choose a pet owner for your Valentine

Are you looking for that perfect Valentine? Well I have found mine (hi Chris!)


There are so many things that make Chris perfect (I’m giggling imagining him squirm with embarrassment reading that 🙂 ) but I knew pretty quickly that he was the one for me and would complete us as a family.
Since meeting Chris I am convinced that pet owners make the best partners. Why?
  • Love
Well this one is obvious, right? Someone who loves an animal must be capable of loving a human! Chris adores Ollie and that has made me love him before, something I never thought possible due to my fear of dogs.
  • Routine
Ahh one of my favourite things! Pets need a routine in the same way that children do (and most adults!) as it is reassuring and creates a feeling of safety.
  • Bodily fluids
Anyone that has experienced of clearing up dog poo, cat litter, hair balls, vomit, dead ‘presents’ is a keeper! Nappies will present no fear to someone who has dealt with the mangled remains of a mouse or the aftermath of a doggy tummy bug.
  • Putting others first
Pet owners are experts at being considerate and thinking of others. It may be peeing down with rain but the dedicated pet owner will be out there walking their dog or calling their cat in for tea. The same thoughtfulness is essential for being a lover and a parent. There are times when you are ill or exhausted but soldier on for the ones you love.
  • Commitment
A successful relationship isn’t about the big romantic gestures despite what the shops try to tell us every Valentines Day. Instead it is the little every day details, not giving up when things get tricky, staying true to each other but also yourself.
I have learned these lessons the hard way and I will definitely advise my children to look for love with a pet owner in the future!

And let’s finish with the pet in our lives: Ollie the collie! Love you too, Ollie!


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  2. Oh I soooo agree! I couldn’t be with anyone who doesn’t like or treat animals well. We have 2 old cats and 1 lively dog called Dottie. She is rather Dottie but that’s why we love her. Your part about bodily fluids made me laugh! My Hubbie can’t do that part! That’s left for me! Lovely….. fun post. #globalblogging

  3. I agree, someone that is happy with how you look even if you are full of cat hair is just perfect. Would not swop my J for anything. Pets anyway are very good judges of character. If the cat / puppy loves him… then I should too.. #globalblogging

  4. Haha well done, I love this. When I met my wife she had “adopted” a random cat in her neighbourhood by feeding it daily and it kept coming back for food. That’s pretty much what she did with me, I was lost and pretty alone in a new town and she more or less took me in and kept me coming back for baked treats #GlobalBlogging.

  5. Hahaha I’m wit pets how people are with children, I love them but love handing them back to their owners even more. Shame I have to keep the husband hehe #GlobalBlogging

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