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7 top tips to cut your electric bill

We just got our electric bill and it was double the last one! Over £700 so we urgently need to make some cuts to our use and here are some things we will try:

Turn off appliances rather than putting them on stand by.
Consider changing your appliances to more energy efficient versions.
Wash clothes at a lower temperature.
Make sure fridges and freezers are clean and set at the right temperature.
Boil the right amount of water and use the kettle rather than heating on the hob.
Open curtains and clean lampshades to increase light.
Use a microwave rather than the hob where possible.
Do you have any tips? Let me know!


  1. I think we all need to follow these tips. I hadn’t thought about making sure the freezer is in good condition. Ours could do with defrosting which probably means it’s using more electricity x

  2. We have solar and it’s barely made a difference here – there’s a total raquet going on. We are using less electicity (we are creating more than we use) but paying more or less the same as before….not happy at all.

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