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Top tips for surviving a tummy bug!

Tummy bugs are not just a winter problem, as my family found out this week! Did you know that vomiting usually stops after 2 days but diarrhoea can last a week? If either lasts longer, then seek medical advice! The main danger to health comes from dehydration and those most at risk are the young […]

7 top tips to cut your electric bill

We just got our electric bill and it was double the last one! Over £700 so we urgently need to make some cuts to our use and here are some things we will try: Turn off appliances rather than putting them on stand by. Consider changing your appliances to more energy efficient versions. Wash clothes […]

Scoring The Best Holiday Freebies: How To Get Something For Nothing!

Are you getting ready to go off on holiday and you want a few freebies before you leave? Or, are you interested in saving as much money as possible to make the trip affordable? Money is a little tight for us this year as we are getting married! We also have a family holiday booked […]