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Are sea monkeys the easiest pets?

15 months ago Anya won some sea monkeys in a pass the parcel game. We waited until the Christmas holidays to start them growing. At the time we had 14 guinea pigs (now 17), 2 rabbits and 2 cockapoos, so are sea monkeys the world’s easiest pets?
Set up is quick and easy but nothing happened for the first week. We had the set on the windowsill and being December, it was perhaps too cold so we moved them to the mantelpiece. A few days later, Chris was ready to dispose of the set but my eagle eyes spotted a tiny life form!
We soon had two large sea monkeys and they are quite beautiful as they swim around. I also saw littler ones so fingers crossed for a whole colony soon!

So what are sea monkeys?
They are tiny shrimp that have a life cycle of 8-10 weeks, however pet sea monkeys have been observed as living up to 5 years! Some have even been into space!
Sea monkeys can reproduce asexually meaning that the females can fertilise their own eggs. However, we had the whole sex thing going on during Sunday lunch! Anya was afraid they were fighting but I kind of reassured her that they were making love not war… Two days later, egg sacs are visible so babies are incoming!
Pros of keeping sea monkeys: Small space required for set up. Only need feeding every few days, minimal care required. Beautiful to watch swim. No mess (unless you have a tank spillage) or loud barking/miaowing/squeaking.
Cons of keeping sea monkeys: Temperature needs to be optimal for quick hatching, otherwise make sure you/your child has patience! You can’t cuddle them (obviously) or have much interaction at all (well, I talk to mine but I’m not sure they respond)
Would I recommend sea monkeys as a first pet? Yes, especially if you are thinking about getting fish.

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