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Birthing partner

This was awful!

Nearly a year after having Matthew, my sister was due to give birth and she chose me and her husband to be birthing partners. I can honestly say it was worse than giving birth myself. Having to watch someone you love be in excruciating pain is simply awful. When her waters broke and were full of meconium, it was dreadful watching the doctors and midwives try to get foetal blood and then decide to take her for an emergency caesarian. They whisked her away and I just broke down in wracking sobs at the hideousness of the whole thing. I don’t think I have ever scared my brother-in-law that much before 🙂 He went in the operating theatre with Helen and I was left behind in the empty room, the longest 15 minutes of my life, until the midwife came to tell me the baby was out and it would now take at least half an hour to stitch her back together. Phew!

Luckily I wasn’t required for the birth of my niece which was a planned caesarian.

I hope Anya has a supportive partner when she gives birth in many years time as there is no way I could stand to see her go through it, even though the end result is so fab!


  1. Laura

    I am glad all went well at the end. With time you forget all about it …until you give birth again. But when all is done, what a joy !

  2. Exactly the same happened to me – I was in labour for over a day and my son was just not coming out so I had to have an emergency C-section – all hell broke loose! It’s a scary time but it’s great that you’ve highlighted this so people are prepared!

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