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Body image: birthmarks

I took this photo of my birthmark when I went out with Chris last month. I have 3 birthmarks but this is the darkest and most obvious.

I remember a comment from when I was a child and someone told me I had dog poo on my leg. He said it to be mean, I’d known him from the start of school and he’d always seen it but for some reason he chose to comment on it one day. I was really upset at the time but now it seems so petty.

My kids are fascinated by my birthmark. It is useful for teaching them that skin colour is unimportant. Matthew has a very slight birthmark on his right eye which stands out when he’s tired but no one has ever really spotted it.

I have no qualms about showing my leg (leg hair is a completely different issue 🙂 ). The birthmark isn’t too big and at least I have a distinguishing feature if I ever get murdered!

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