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From hero to zero: the unpopular Duolingo update

Last month I finished my Duolingo Italian course. I LOVED it. I would happily have recommended the app to everyone. The course became increasingly hard which was a challenge but an enjoyable one. I was absolutely delighted with my sense of achievement and the working of the app.
Next day, the app offered me the chance to update…


Oh, if only I had seen the messages on social media!
I started the French course and the structure is all over the place. I feel that the content is hugely repetitive so progress is slow. The topics seem haphazard rather than in blocks to focus on.
The app keeps crashing, often when I have just watched an ad to earn gems or just spent gems on a challenge which means they are lost. The rewards for completing a lesson are minimal and my motivation is catastrophically low. I looked back at my Italian and found extra content which I finished immediately to finish my course again. But I hadn’t finished all of the stories and there is no way on the app to find the ones I hadn’t completed.

Customer service, I hear you cry?! Nope, nothing which is why the world is reaching out on social media to universally beg for the update to be removed. Thankfully the browser version has not yet updated (phew!) However, there isn’t the incentive of xp boost and gem chests meaning that progress is slow especially if you want to do well on the leaderboard.
Please, please, PLEASE Duolingo. Give us back the app we love or at least the option to remove the update (seriously not found one person who likes it though…)


  1. Oh no! Sometimes updates can really make or break an app. Maybe a hiccup with the update that hasn’t been fixed yet? We’ve only heard really good things about Duolingo. Hopefully it all gets sort out soon. It’s a shame to lose motivation on something you love doing, but totally understandable. #DreamTeam

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