My very own website!!! Yikes!


My first week on Monopoly Go

Oops I downloaded another game! This one was to get Swagbucks points but I have quickly become addicted! Now a bit of background about me: I am a Monopoly QUEEN! I loved playing it when I was younger but no one ever wanted to play with me due to the time needed to play. Or […]

From hero to zero: the unpopular Duolingo update

Last month I finished my Duolingo Italian course. I LOVED it. I would happily have recommended the app to everyone. The course became increasingly hard which was a challenge but an enjoyable one. I was absolutely delighted with my sense of achievement and the working of the app. Next day, the app offered me the […]

My first 10 days learning Italian with Duolingo

Learning Italian has always been something I have wanted to do, along with a visit to Italy itself one day! My dad’s grandfather was Italian before moving to England, marrying an English woman and was a merchant seaman during the First World War. I saw that one of my friends was using Duolingo so I […]

Mardles: stickers and books that come to life!

A combination of my children’s favourite things: stickers, books and their tablets! As the least technologically savvy person in our house, I was a little bit worried about using an app but it was easy to find in the Kindle store and quick (and FREE!) to download. That’s it! Ready to go! The stickers can […]