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My first week on Monopoly Go

Oops I downloaded another game! This one was to get Swagbucks points but I have quickly become addicted!
Now a bit of background about me: I am a Monopoly QUEEN! I loved playing it when I was younger but no one ever wanted to play with me due to the time needed to play. Or maybe because I am a teeny bit competitive…? One of the first games I bought on the Wii and DS were Monopoly so I could finally have a willing opponent even if only a computer!

I’d seen Monopoly Go advertised a few times but was finally tempted by some Swagbucks bonuses. The game is free to download from the Google Play store.

The basic rules are the same as the normal board game: work your way around the board to earn cash. Houses and hotels can be bought when you upgrade the 6 landmarks for each board. Complete all the landmarks and you progress to the next board.
You can rattle through the early boards quite quickly. But most days have a huge lag where I spend ages on one board with a few rolls of the dice per hour. At other times it is like a tsunami with rolls, bonuses and levelling up in quick succession!
There are a range of offers to purchase but also some free offers. Every 8 hours there is a free gift as well as a daily treat. There are also play bonuses to help gain from the board as well as collect stickers, rolls or cash.

I have joined some groups for swapping cards but my problem is that not many people I know play the game (they should!!!) Through one of these groups I have added 3 friends (which is still not enough to open the Community Chest) and does allow you to steal their money (which is distinctly UNfriendly!)
I have really enjoyed my first week on Monopoly Go! and look forward to progressing through the game.

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