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Mardles: stickers and books that come to life!

A combination of my children’s favourite things: stickers, books and their tablets!

As the least technologically savvy person in our house, I was a little bit worried about using an app but it was easy to find in the Kindle store and quick (and FREE!) to download. That’s it! Ready to go!
The stickers can be placed anywhere around the house or garden and then brought to life and you can take them around with you. (Be careful not to walk into things as it is easy to get engrossed in the augmented reality!)

The book had a nice rhyming narrative and bright colourful pictures. The particular book we had was a lot of fun because it involved a cow going to space! It also had an educational side supporting the science curriculum as it mentions the biology of birds that allows them to fly, the growth of plants and information about the Moon.

All 3 of my children could access Mardles as it is so easy to use! The characters can be controlled easily using the arrow keys on screen and you can also take photos or even selfies with the animals.


*I received the book and stickers for the purpose of this post

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