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My love-hate relationship with laundry

Love it or hate it, laundry is everywhere! Especially in our house!

You may notice that many of my pictures have drying washing in the background, although I do try to crop it out. Here I am bringing shame to my youngest whilst dancing to David Gibb‘s latest CD:
Here are the kids being zombies whilst washing dangles ominously behind them…

Laundry runs my life in a way that I never imagined possible until I owned my own home. The washing basket is rarely empty as a family of 5 makes a lot of mess! It can be heavy work carrying loads of washing around, back breaking lifting and hanging it out. There is nothing quite as sould destroying as watching your child throw themselves onto your nicely folded pile of clean laundry.
I also admit to quite a lot of pride that none of us have ever had a wardrobe panic because they have run out of pants or socks. It was a major turning point in our relationship when I began doing Chris’ washing and putting it away.

It is a labour of love. Sorting dirty washing says ‘I love you’, actions speak louder than words.
I now appreciate my own mum more for doing my washing for all those years! I used to laugh at her for hanging out washing on snowy days but now I appreciate that you can’t let a good drying day get away without a wash on the line! The pressure of checking the forecast and the anguish of an unexpected rain shower are bboth things that I grew up with but didn’t understand: now I do!
Following our 12 day holiday, I had a MOUNTAIN of washing to sort despite doing one load while we were away. One day I spent a whole hour sorting one lot of washing, putting it in the machine, hanging it, folding the previous load and matching socks, putting it in the airing cupboard and putting the load before that one away.

Is laundry a feminist issue? Am I perpetuating gender stereotypes? I don’t think so. I do the washing because I am home. I sort the washing because I am at home. I like knowing the state of everyone’s clothes to that I can plan for what new things need to be bought.
Chris is more than capable of doing the washing and often hangs it out at the weekends when he is around but he doesn’t know the minutiae of everyone’s wardrobes, he doesn’t have my system in place for being more efficient.
Is my washing work unappreciated…? Yes, and let’s be clear it IS work. My children might not appreciate it everyday but it makes their lives easier and one day they will take over the burden and THEN the appreciation will come. When they have their own families, they will understand that having clean pants in the drawer had my heart with it 🙂


  1. I sometimes buy this ridiculously priced eco wash that smells divine and I love doing the laundry with that – mainly I love the smell of the clothes after drying in the sun after being washed in that. When I use the normal detergent, washing is just a daily hassle, but an easy one, so in the grand scheme of things, it’s a non issue. I refuse to put the 2 teens clothes away, and it piles up in large piles in their rooms….but I’m still not doing it for them. I’ll wash and fold it, but that’s it….ha. So not so much a feminist issue for me, but definitely a parenting issue….#GlobalBlogging

  2. I hate the fact that we have laundry drying all the time. It’s my one wish to have a utility room to dry it! But I like you don’t like to let it pile up.


  3. A bit of a necessary evil … but so good when it’s done, and those nice, fluffy T-shirts, undies and socks are snugly in your wardrobe. Not that the kids notice or care less!! #GlobalBloigging

  4. So many good thoughts here!
    Laundry is one of the ways I’ve served my family as well, and maybe the best thing about it is that I can fold laundry while I sit with them and enjoy their company. Sometimes the mindless routine is the best thing for me because it forces me to stop and sit down.

  5. Oh wow! I can’t even imagine doing laundry for a family of 5 after a 12-day vacation. Hubby and I generate a lot of laundry just for the 2 of us, because of our running clothes. He and I work at it together, though.

  6. Laundry is the one job my OH does take on partly as we do not have a washing machine so it means going to the laundrette place at the supermarket. I miss having the ability to just wash clothes when I want to though so a washing machine is on my wish list behind a few other essentials. I always think it would be good to have a building with loads of washing machines in for community use – might help mums in particular who feel isolated but anyone really both in terms of saving money and social interaction.
    All housework should be shared is my strong view but then nothing much changes here however much I complain about most of it falling on my shoulders.
    Glad you like doing it though or at least can see the positives #GlobalBlogging

  7. Yeah, one of the things of not living in a warm country is that clothes drying issue. I really don’t like drying indoors, all the humidity and clothes just smell so much better when drying naturally (no dryer, obvs) – sunshine is also great to kill germs (well if we can get it, that is, between showers….) #globalblogging

  8. I have a love hate relationship with laundry too. There is no better feeling than seeing an empty laundry basket (even though I know it will last less than a day!). I’ll also admit that I get ridiculously excited when warm dry weather is forecast, purely because I can hang everything out on the line. When did this happen to me?? #globalblogging

  9. Oh it’s a hate/hate relationship for me! And sometimes I do get annoyed that I am the one sorting everyone’s clothes for them each week but like you it just makes practical sense because I am the one at home so I have the time to do it (and better organisational skills!). My husband too is well capable of doing the washing when he wants to but I always end up doing the bulk of it. It is the socks that get to me the most, when they all have to be paired up – Aaargh! #globalblogging

  10. I too feel quite proud of managing to stay (almost) on top of the laundry (almost) all the time. There’s only three of us here though, I think I’d really struggle if we were five, or more… It certainly is work, but I am SO thankful that we have washing machines nowadays. Imagine what it was like before, having to do all that washing by hand! X #GlobalBlogging

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