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Reflections and remembrance to commemorate the end of WW1 centenary

Remembrance Day is part of our national consciousness. The red poppy synonymous with the sacrifice of a generation.

2018 is particularly important as it marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday coincide so the whole nation can unite in grief, respect and hope.
I will be thinking of my great grandfathers who all survived the war. One was a stretcher bearer who could never tell his family about the horrors he’d seen.
I will remember with sadness the death of my great grandmother’s brother at the Somme aged only 19. She carried his picture in a locket for the rest of her life.

On Sunday I will be proudly watching as Matthew and Anya parade with their Cub and Beavers to a commemorative service and then to the war memorial.
I have written the following poem to convey the horror of war but also the spark of hope:


Shattered dreams lay splintered on the ground.
Destiny’s caress has gathered their souls.
Silence is pierced by agony’s howls.
Faithless hope absconds, descending despair deepens.


The bugle sounds across the years, calling ‘remember!’
Death’s power is overcome, life reigns again,
Poppies bloom where blood once blossomed.
Triumphant peace, victorious love, renewed hope.



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  2. Always love bloggers acknowledging this special day and your poem is great. I spent the day in France with French and German people which I found very moving. The skies were blue and there was joy as well as solemnity even a giggle or too afterwards. I stood next to my almost 18 year old son and kept looking at how young he looks and how so many his age died in wars. Also I wore my Grandad’s medals from the Great War. A poignant and special day and a caution to us all with the world in the state it is right now #GlobalBlogging

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  4. I love your beautiful poem, thank you. I think it’s so important to remember and allow people to grieve – my grandfather served as a 17 year old and that’s pretty much all I know…

  5. We love this day and remember those who lost their lives for us. The amount of Indian soldiers who volunteered and then fought bravely for the allies is astounding – I’m glad the BBC have covered that fact in documentaries over the years, as it’s usually not reflected or taught in schools. We even had a statue of a brave Sikh soldier erected by a local council which was a real honour for the Indian community x #GlobalBlogging

  6. Love the poem, it was so beautiful to see all the tributes from around the world and I hope it helps to remind us all that we never want to see that kind of terrible thing happen again. #GlobalBlogging

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