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Restoring my faith in humanity

Saturday was the day of the school fair. The children were over-excited by bouncy castles and huge slabs of chocolate cake. I won a bottle of red wine (yay!) Then we headed home.
Ahead of us were a group of teenage boys, shouting and swearing. My heart sank a little.
Matthew was running alongside us on the grass and looked behind him. Everyday I nag him to walk and be aware of his surroundings. Today I was proved right. But I would give anything not to have been.
Looking backwards, he tripped and fell against a wooden post. I couldn’t see what had happened at first but he was howling as he does for everything from a tiny graze to a massive injury ๐Ÿ™ One of the teenagers said ‘oh shit’ and I guessed it wasn’t good…
Blood was pumping from a wound just above his eye. I sat him down and held his cut shut with my hand. I had used my last tissue at the fair to wipe up chocolate cake so had nothing with me to stem the bleed. The teens were looking on and I asked then if they had any tissue but they didn’t. Anya was getting hysterical at the sight of the blood pooling in my hand, Zach had no idea what was going on. Chris ran over the road to the row of shops to get tissue.
Meanwhile one of the teenagers ran back. He had raced to the nearest building (a pub) and grabbed paper towels. A woman came with him and offered to get her car to drive us home so that we could get some things and take him to hospital. From across the road, a family arrived with wet wipes and a first aid kit.
Everything had calmed down. Everyone had helped. It was amazing. The humanity of strangers was truly incredible, and I cannot thank them enough.
We accepted the lift home and I called my mum straightaway to take care of Anya and Zach while Chris took me and Matthew to A&E. We had a half hour wait to be assessed and then a further 2 hours to be treated.

Yes, the wait was frustrating. Yes, it was boring. But Matthew was treated with respect and professionalism. His wound was carefully glued back together after some serious consideration of whether it was deep enough to need actual stitches.

The NHS is a fantastic thing. The staff are dedicated and caring. The car park charge is extortionate and a disgrace ๐Ÿ™
The cut looks like it will heal well. I thank God it wasn’t an inch lower or he could have lost an eye. I’m writing this 8 hours on from the incident and it is hard to believe how much blood he lost and how awful the whole thing was. I wonder if there will still be blood on the floor when we do the school run on Monday. It looked like I was wearing red gloves, my ring is still crusted with blood. Putting pressure on the wound was essential to stemming the blood flow (thanks to my dental nurse training 15 years ago plus years of watching BBC’s Casualty and Holby City!!!) but the kindness of strangers is the real thing that I will take from today.
People going out of their way to help. Teenagers, who I judged for swearing and being rowdy, had hearts of gold. Strangers willing to give up their time to help a small child in need. Dedicated NHS staff who have an amazing vocation to help others.
So, thank you. THANK YOU.
Matthew will be left with a scar but the hope and love from today will last a lifetime too.


  1. Jon

    We’ve had countless drips like this over the years and it never fails to amaze me how well the NHS cope with dealing with kids and their many bumps and cuts!

  2. aw bless your son. what a horrid accident to happen. it it happens so quick doesn’t it. and how lovely of the teenagers to help too. when I read the start I thought oh no, they did something awful. more awful is my instinct to judge people so negatively. so pleased all was well in the end and thank god the cut was where it was xx #KCACOLS

  3. I hope Matthew is feeling better now, and that his cut heals well. Thanks for sharing your story; it is heartwarming that so many people pulled together to help you guys. #CommunityStrong #MMBC

  4. Mel

    Oh bless him! Things like this can be so terrifying and it is the kindness of strangers that keep us going. So glad people came to help you and that he’ll be okay, albeit being left with a little scar x

  5. I used to work for the NHS and the staff were truly amazing. So hard working, always going out of their way to help despite being rushed off their feet due to poor funding! Hope your son is doing well x

  6. MMT

    Oh no! We had a head cut incident this weekend too..it’s scary how much blood there is! Glad the ‘Yoof’ helped and did themselves proud!


  7. Sounds like an eventful weekend and so lovely that so many people came to help. We have a group of local teens that hang around in the park with loud music etc, but I have to say that they have always been polite and picked Eliza up when she fell off her bike

  8. Poor guy! I have only had little head bumps, and a hurt baby is the most upsetting thing I have experienced as a parent.
    How nice that you were surrounded by people to help! I’m sure that made the whole thing much better on all of you.
    Thanks for sharing. #mmbc

  9. Aww, I’m so glad he’s ok-it sounds traumatic for all of you. You are right, the kindness of strangers really is heartwarming in this story! Especially the teenagers, who I’m sure really do have hearts of gold, but are just trying to find their own way in life and with each other, with the swearing and bad behaviour! I’m really glad everything turned out alright x

  10. Ooh that cut does look nasty, poor little chap. Teens get a lot of bad press, but most of them are good kids, I’m so glad they helped you out #DreamTeam x

  11. Children are only ever a few seconds a way from a calamity like this but it was lovely the positives that you took from this situation. Glad he’s doing ok and it wasn’t more serious!

  12. It’s amazing how people rally round in an emergency. When the world seems full of terror, it’s nice to be reminded that people are caring and there when you need them. Glad to Here your little boy is ok #triumphanttales

  13. It’s so wonderful when people are so kind and help us in times of need. I t’s interesting how we judge people based on a small snippet of what we see of them. I’m really glad your little one is okay and I hope he rests up over the nest few days.

  14. Aww bless him. Sounds eventful. How lovely of the teenagers. Sounds awful to say but I wouldn’t expect behaviour like that from them so I’m glad that proved me wrong x

  15. So glad Matthew is Ok and sometimes people do take you by surprise and can be really helpful. I remember when I was 11 I was hit by a car on my bike and this lad who was a bit of a local herbert ran to my mums house to tell her. #bestandworst

  16. This is a lovely post. So glad people helped and Matthew was ok and got to have his cut treated. These are the sorts of posts that keep us all smiling and feeling happy about the world. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  17. Glad it wasn’t serious and I love that the teenagers were quick thinking to go get paper towels! People complain about teens but they really do amazing things when least expected. #BloggerClubUK

  18. This must have been awful and i’m glad he is ok. It’s great to know that when it mattered, people came though for you.
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Oh no! It’s such a shock when our kids hurt themselves. Hope he’s doing ok and you are to. I’m actually an expat in Tanzania, and since leaving the Uk I realize just how fortunate I was to have the Nhs. And it’s always nice to be reminded that the world isn’ so bad after all!

  20. It’s really interesting how the story panned out – at the start I thought the teenagers were gonna be the ones to cause trouble, teach one of the kids a swear or something… I’m so glad to see that there are still some nice, helpful people in your community x

  21. Oh bless him, poor lad. My two are terrible for not looking where they are going. I remember my son falling over in a car park and banging his head of the floor, the amount of blood was frightening. The staff at the sports centre we were on our way to we’re amazing and got us a first aid kit and called our doctors to let them know we were on our way. He was given butterfly stitches but his head swelled so much they came apart. Another trip to the doctors for more and we were sent in our way. On reflection I wonder if he should have had proper stitches as his scar is quite wide. A month later, just as it had healed he did the same thing on the school playground. He just needs one more to join the two scars and it would be the perfect Harry Potter lightening scar!
    Teenagers get a bad rep and most people these days feel uneasy when there is a large group of them, but underneath all the bravado they’re just kids, and usually good ones at that. It’s these little acts that always restore my faith in humanity too, hope he heals up soon x

  22. Oh I am so sorry to hear about his fall and injury, poor guy and I am glad he is ok. It is amazing isn’t it, how people can really help out when they need to and it certainly makes you feel that little bit better about the world. It’s made quite a sad and unfortunate read have a nice positive end to it, and that’s fab. Thank you for sharing at #familyfun x

  23. It’s really a wonderful story that so many people pulled together to help. Teenagers being rowdy are the last ones you’d expect to stop & help with such kindness. I hope Matthew is all healed up soon. He is lucky it wasn’t lower all right! Thank you for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK xx

  24. Oh no your poor little man. I can only imagine how upsetting it must have been for you all but we’ll done for remembering what to do under pressure. It always warms my heart to hear about people coming together to help each other. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  25. Oh bless his heart it must have been really frightening for him, but yes, faith in. humanity is restored. These kind people made what was a horrible incident that little bit easier for you. Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

  26. mainy

    Ahh poor little one, we are so so lucky to have such a fab NHS. Also caring people can be found in many places:)
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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