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The destruction of my childhood idol: bring back 1980s She-Ra!!!

I am a child of the 80s. I grew up with She-Ra and know many of the episodes inside out, word for word.
I was hugely excited when my sister told me last weekend that Netflix had made a new series of the show and didn’t hesitate to start watching immediately.


It was almost unbearable and I nearly didn’t even manage to sit through the first episode. I know it is ‘re-imagined’ but I wish they had set it up as a completely different show with different characters to keep my 1980s memories pure.

So what were my problems with the new version?
OK, let’s start off with: why are they children/teenagers? Is it supposed to be empowering to children to see other children fighting evil?
I find the original comforting, knowing that there are good adults in the world who try their best to make the world a better place.
Why are they ALL princesses (except Bow who isn’t ginger any more 🙁 )? Is this supposed to be equality? Why not get rid of all princesses or are they too scared of losing their girl audience? Is the new version working hard to embrace diversity or uniformity?
Men/boys have arms and midriffs on display while the women/ girls are discreetly covered. Is this reverse sexualisation? Is that really an improvement on mini skirts?

She-Ra in the 80s had knicker shorts (I was forced to wear these at secondary school!) Now she has full on shorts to protect her modesty. Gone are the heels too…
Why do the characters shout almost every line? There doesn’t seem to be the thoughtful assessment of situations that I remember from the original and certainly no moral reasoning at the end.
The animation has no charm, it is now harsh and stylised. The transformation sequence just doesn’t have the wow factor and the energy from the whole show seems forced and false.
BUT my kids absolutely LOVED the new version. Matt even declared it was better the original. I haven’t decided if I will talk to him again…


  1. My little boy has discovered the ‘new’ Danger Mouse and I died a little inside watching it…I’m going to have to watch this now to see if I agree with you (I’ve got an awful feeling that I will…even the pic you included has riled me!) If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!! #GlobalBlogging

  2. I think kids like that ‘in your face’ concept with cartoons. subtlety is gone! I see cartoons now and I’m flabbergasted at why kids love them, there are so few for that mid-age group of kids – older than preschool but not tweens. #GlobalBlogging

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