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Update on my bucket list

OK so 3 years ago as I turned 36 I wrote a bucket list of things I’d like to do before I’m 40. As it’s my 39th birthday this week, I thought I’d double check how I was getting on and work out if I can complete it in the remaining year!

Have an espresso (I can’t believe I’ve never had one!): I did this and HATED it
Go to Wimbledon to watch tennis live: I had managed to get tickets for this year’s tournament so was devastated that this will no longer possible. We should get first refusal next year but it won’t be before my 40th birthday 🙁
Try wine tasting: nope. Just drinking on my own!
Visit Disneyland Paris: again, no but I am determined that we will book this as soon as possible when lockdown ends!
Research more of my family tree and visit some of the places my ancestors lived: not really, work has got in the way but hopefully from September when Zach is in school I can head off on some adventures
Attend a festival: no, I had possibly arranged to attend one this summer for my blog but it has been cancelled.
Have a mojito and a margharita (or other cocktails): I think I managed this! Going vegan means my usual Mudslide and White Russian aren’t allowed
Eat tapas: sadly, no. But now I’m tempted to make my own vegan ones…
Visit Wales and Scotland: we visited both! Wales in 2018 (in the pic below, Matthew and Anya are in Wales and I’m in England with Zach!) and Scotland in 2019 (pictured below glamping at Loch Ness!)
Go to a blogging conference and meet up with other bloggers!: Major success! I have been to 5 Blog Ons, a Blogosphere Christmas event, a London Blog Event and many other blogger meet ups.

Something that wasn’t on my list and was a thing that I’d never considered was… marriage! But we’ve done that too!
There is still a year to go until my 40th so I still have a chance to achieve more…


  1. That’s quite a lot! I’m sorry about missing Wimbledon before your 40th. Maybe you can add it to your next list. The pandemic changed a lot of plans. I imagine the blog conferences were fun!

  2. I too was meant to take my youngest to Disneyland Paris this year – alas that’s off and I fear she might be too old when we get the chance to go. The other’s went when younger…That makes me sad a little, but I guess like everything, we shall see…as for your others on the list, I’ve done a lot (not Wimbeldon or Scotland or Wales). You lost me at the coffee tho. I can’t survive the day without 2 espressos first thing!!! HA!

  3. It sounds like Coronavirus has really ruined some of your plans but I am sure you will get to do those things eventually. It sounds like you have made a good start. I love coffee but not espresso. That is far too strong for me. x

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