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Minky pegs

I once told my mum if I ever got excited by housework, particularly washing, then she should call the funny farm!
How little I knew then!
Just today I have been despairing at Matthew’s new white school shirt covered in mud that WON’T WASH OUT!!! (calm down, Laura, inner peace etc etc…)
One element of washing that I really love are my pegs. Sounds a bit weird but utterly true. I picked up a pack of random pegs in the months before moving in 2 years ago (I believe I bought this first set from Aldi). I just liked the colours so popped them in my shopping basket.

Well, they are the best pegs ever! I bought another set from a different supermarket as I realsied I didn’t have enough for the copious amounts of washing I do. All of these other pegs have broken. Every single one within 2 years!
But my Minky pegs are still going strong and none have broken or loosened their grip! I just bought another set from Amazon and they are just as good as the first pack.
The other thing is the bright colours: Zach just loves arranging them!

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  1. I LOVE seeing my washing on the line, itโ€™s very sad but true! Itโ€™s kind of a homey feeling. My pegs are crap and are constantly snapping, Iโ€™ll give these a whirl!

  2. I just bought cheap pegs from the corner shop when we moved as I left all mine at the old house and they have been terrible and nearly all snapped. I will have to get some of these as they sound much better than the ones I have x

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