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Vremi spiralizer and baking mats: review and giveaway!

I once said to my mum that if I ever got excited by kitchen equipment then I was truly old. Well, here I am! Ancient!

I absolutely adore my Vremi baking mats. Chris complains at the amount of baking paper and foil I get through. But seriously, non stick NEVER works! So these mats are perfect for lining the baking trays and are so easy to clean. They are made from BPA free silicone.

I’ll be completely honest: the spiralizer was less popular with us as we found it a bit tricky to use. Hopefully we will improve with practice! We did manage to chop the carrot very small for our curry: I hate carrot but will eat it if I can’t see it 🙂
You have the chance to win your own set of 3 baking mats and the spiralizer!

Win the Vremi Spiralizer and Baking Mats #17


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