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Matthew’s homework star biscuits

As promised in My Sunday Photo post this week, here is Matt’s biscuit recipe. I am so impressed by them: they are crisp and crunchy with a subtle flavour from the almonds.

4oz SR flour
3oz butter or margarine
3oz caster sugar
3oz ground almonds
splash of water
extra flour for rolling out

Rub the butter/marge into the flour and almonds until it resembles breadcrumbs (I did this in my stand mixer)
Stir in the sugar. Add a little water to help b ring the dough together (I used gluten free flour which needs extra liquid)

Roll out the dough to half a centimetre thickness and cut out shapes.
Bake at GM4 for 10-15 minutes
The biscuits do spread a little so make sure there is space between them.
Allow to cool and enjoy!


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