My very own website!!! Yikes!

#Project365 week 39

Day 266: Matthew got busy in the kitchen making star shaped biscuits for his space homework: find the recipe here!

Day 267: a sunny search for conkers on the afternoon school run

Day 268: Zach working hard on his homework from preschool

Day 269: two evening meetings in a row for two of my jobs this week so I am tired. Not too tired not to be wasting time pouting into my phone…

Day 270: a little bit of heartbreak today as I finally admitted that Zach has outgrown his baby socks. These were the first thing I bought him after finding out I was pregnant. I cried over socks this week, stupid twitchy ovaries…

Day 271: I can’t take the credit for these brilliant cakes: I got them at the Macmillan coffee afternoon at Anya’s school

Day 272: nothing better than freshly washed hair!


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