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Let’s Make Pompoms Family Edition, by Katie Scott

As you know, I have a bitter loathing of crafts due to the mess. But I have been reintroduced to pompom making which has little or no mess at all! I last made these at school (estimate 25 years ago) and just made single balls. I had a simple purple one hanging in my room […]

#Blogmas18 day 8: Christmas craft ideas

Apparently it is time to get crafty, something which you know I am not keen on! However, after seeing the joy on Zach’s face when he made a ghost for Halloween, I decided to get the PVA glue and cotton wool out again 🙂 Simply cut out a snowman shape. Draw on a face and […]

Fuzzikins Cozy Cats and Dozy Dogs

We went to the playground. As we pulled into the car park the rain and hail began. We sat there horrified then came home. Luckily I had been sent the Cozy Cats and Dozy Dogs sets by Fuzzikins so I didn’t need to panic about keeping the kids entertained on a rainy day in half […]