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A crime to refuse vaccinations?

In the 1980s, author Roald Dahl reflected on the death of his daughter Olivia twenty years earlier. The open letter is quite devastating but the line that remains in my mind is : ‘It really is almost a crime to allow your child to go unimmunised’. It got me thinking: should we make it a […]

Mum works from home, child is ill. SEND HELP!

The last couple of weeks have not been fun. As I reported in #Project365, Zach has been poorly and now, after repeatedly being coughed in the face, so am I. Several times I have been near breaking point. I have also been dealing with an allergy and am dosed up to the eyeballs with steroids […]

Monday 6th February: the great chickenpox debate

It’s official, my nephew has chickenpox. Matthew and Anya have both had it but obviously Zach hasn’t. But I want him to get it sooner rather than later. Matthew was 3 when he had it and he has scars from scratching, he also missed out on a week of preschool. Anya had it straight afterwards […]