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mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a mum is in the heart. It doesn’t matter if you have young children or grown up children. Your children are the reason you get up each morning. Every morning. Usually earlier than you’d like. They turn your hair grey with worry. They drive you to distraction with their incessant and often ridiculous demands. […]

So…what do I want for Mother’s Day?

Big question. Let’s DITCH Mother’s Day isn’t going to happen. So, what do I want for Mother’s Day this year? A lie in with my book and cup of tea Pizza A nap Peace and harmony, instructions followed first time or even no prompting required Diamond earrings Reality of my list: I feel terribly guilty […]

Let’s DITCH Mother’s Day!

Grump alert! Scrooge here! OK so let’s get this straight. I love my mum (and my dad, this applies to Father’s Day too). But I would rather show her that regularly how much I appreciate her than on one day a year force her to have a present she doesn’t really want and accept a […]