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#Project365 2023 week 40

Day 274: early morning runs are now in the dark with street lights! Roll on the clocks changing… Day 275: accidental acquisition? Meet Ginger! Day 276: well I’m ready for Christmas! Feel a bit bad that I haven’t got anything for the kids yet (but the dogs have festive toys ready!) Day 277: my knee […]

Running with asthma

When I was a kid at school I couldn’t run. I didn’t want to and I literally couldn’t. I have exercise induced asthma so I used that to feed my hatred of PE. Skip ahead a decade (or two! seriously not feeling like I’m in my 40s!) and I have joined the crazy jogger brigade […]

#Project365 2022 week 39

Day 269: the week started with the sun beaming through the trees during my run. Starting to get a bit nippy out there though!   Day 270: Matthew is back in train mode and has set up a small track at my mum and dad’s Day 271: I did it! Duolingo has been wonderful and […]

#Project365 2022 week 38

Day 262: a cold misty river run to kick off the weekend. It was quite spooky! Day 263: Anya turned 10! Day 264: a bank holiday that sharply contrasted with the joy of the jubilee a few months ago. The Queen arrived at her final resting place at her home of Windsor, to sleep eternally […]

A celebration becomes a memorial

Earlier this year, my children received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal and I wanted my own! I signed up for two exercise related medal challenges to celebrate the Queen’s achievement and honour her long reign. Now of course, both medals have just arrived and are a memorial to her life and service which I will […]