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#Project365 2022 week 39

Day 269: the week started with the sun beaming through the trees during my run. Starting to get a bit nippy out there though!


Day 270: Matthew is back in train mode and has set up a small track at my mum and dad’s

Day 271: I did it! Duolingo has been wonderful and I am so proud of myself for completing the course. Now to revisit my GCSE French, wonder how much I can remember after 25 years!

Day 272: my latest experiment was air fryer potato wedges and they were FAB_U_LOUS!!!

Day 273: these little guys had their first trip to be groomed (photo credit to Posh Paws)

Day 274: almost a month into my exercise challenge and doing pretty well so far!

Day 275: a very misty morning and the kids were fascinated by the cobwebs glistening 9note we have upgraded to winter coats already!)

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  1. I love the autumn spider’s webs too – but not the spiders! Well done on completing Duolingo. I’m debating revisiting my spanish – I only did 2 years at school, but it might be good to learn along with N to help him.

  2. All the pictures are so cute. I like the one with the webs, it’s so funny and a lovely memory to have. Good luck with your French. I discovered that I remembered a lot when it comes to reading or listening, but speaking not so much.

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