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A celebration becomes a memorial

Earlier this year, my children received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal and I wanted my own! I signed up for two exercise related medal challenges to celebrate the Queen’s achievement and honour her long reign. Now of course, both medals have just arrived and are a memorial to her life and service which I will treasure.

I used two different websites for the medals and love the medal and ribbon designs. They are substantial is size and weight, with an intricate design incorporating the 70 motif of the jubilee.
I walked and ran to complete these events. Both challenges required evidence to be submitted. I uploaded screenshots from Google Fit after each run onto the Medal Mad app. Evidence is only required once following completion with I Challenge Myself, and I used the walk data from my monthly Google review.
I am proud of myself for completing these challenges and earning my medals. But I appreciate them as a mark of respect and a symbol of gratitude for the 70 years of outstanding service and devoted love that Her Majesty gave to us all.


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