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Happy and glorious: Platinum Jubilee

Congratulations on your Platinum Jubilee, Your Majesty!
Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch most of us have ever known and I am delighted that our country is able to have this celebration.
Why should we celebrate?
70 years is an incredible achievement. The Queen came to the throne in February 1952 and has worked dutifully ever since.
I think it is certain that none of us alive today will see a platinum jubilee again. We are experiencing history and I want it to be something my kids will remember.
Have there been jubilees before?
Of course. The Queen’s silver jubilee was in 1977, four years before I was born. The golden jubilee was in 2002 and I was in the Mall crowds to cheer as her carriage went by. 2012 saw the diamond jubilee.
Other monarchs have had jubilees as well. George III and Victoria both had golden jubilee celebrations. Henry III and Edward III also reigned for over 50 years but there is little evidence that these occasions were marked by the nation.
Why are we celebrating in June?
Who wants a street party in February?! On a personal note, the Queen’s accession also marks the death of her father and she spends the day quietly. Her coronation date was 2nd June 1953. The Queen’s official birthday is in June and is marked by the Trooping the Colour ceremony. So this year they are combining the events!
How can we get involved?
The late spring bank holiday has moved and we have been given an extra day’s holiday too. Lots of local events are taking place so check for community notices and Facebook groups. Many roads are closed for street parties. Beacons are being lit across the country at 9.45pm on 2nd June.
In London – and being televised – are Trooping the Colour (2nd June) and a church service at St Paul’s Cathedral (3rd June). There is a live concert from Buckingham Palce on 4th June and a pageant on 5th June.


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  2. That’s a lovely photo of the Queen. It’s been great to see all the joyous celebrations from afar. Enjoy the fun and festivities. Glad there’s something to smile about for a bit. We need a bit more of it, no matter the reason. #Dreamteam

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