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#Project365 2022 week 23

Day 155: I love the roses that grow on the front of our house

Day 156: final day of half term and the kids were well enough at last to visit my parents and Anya got to roller skate

Day 157: INSET day for me so I had a quick run before work. Chris bought me an entry into a virtual challenge for my birthday so I am running the distance of the English Channel

Day 158: Anya was desperate for a sister but luckily Zach is happy to dress up and play with her

Day 159: Duolingo still going well although some of the topics are quite tricky and taking ages to complete!

Day 160: it is supposed to be a tower game but the kids prefer using the blocks as dominoes

Day 161: our school celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with country dancing and a street party today


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  1. Those roses are so pretty.
    I am glad everyone was feeling better by the end of half term. That running challenge sounds great. It’s good to have an aim.
    hehehe! Aww! Zach looks adorable and using the blocks as dominos looks like fantastic fun x

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