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summer holiday

#Project365 2023 week 33

Day 225: party time to celebrate 5 years married and nearly 9 years together Day 226: my midget feet (purple) are going to be overtaken soon by the younger two… Day 227: more new family members! 6 year olds Hops and Chewie Day 228: all the kids had an eye test but it was Zach’s […]

#Project365 2023 week 32

Day 218: not sure what they were waiting for but their focus was intense! This week is a year since we first adopted the boys and I can’t imagine being without them Day 219: special guests! cousins thrilled to be reunited Day 220: the girls and older boys co-ordinated their outfits! Day 221: final day […]

Holiday 2022: Old Wardour Castle

Our final stop on our summer holiday was Old Wardour Castle. This was another English Heritage attraction so the entry was covered by our membership. I was very excited to learn that this castle had featured in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves as his home! There were interactive signs dotted around the castle which are […]

#Project365 2019 weeks 32 and 33

Our holiday is now a dim and distant memory but I have finally finished going through all my pics so can now be back on track with #Project365 by doing a double-week post (although I haven’t got around to adding to Instagram yet) Day 216: Home at last! Ollie was thrilled to be reunited with […]