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Project MC2: Adrienne’s soap experiment, review and giveaway!

We got Netflix this week in time for the Christmas holidays, yay! We have watched the first episode of Project MC2, a series set in an American school where girls are not afraid to be science and tech devotees. In fact they use them to complete secret missions and save the world! The emphasis of the programme and the associated toys are on making STEAM (science, technology, engineering,arts, maths) subjects fun and relevant to girls.

I was so… I mean, Anya was so excited to receive the Adrienne doll. It is one of the most beautiful dolls I have seen with hair eye lashes which are just gorgeous.
She comes with a snazzy outfit and glittery wedge heels. The comb for her blonde and pink hair is in the shape of a lab bottle (conical flask for those in the know 🙂 )!

I’ll let you into a little secret: Matthew would be quite happy playing with dolls if no one were watching. I have caught him a couple of times but he is worried about his ‘image’ (*eye roll, he is only 7!) The inclusion of the experiment makes this much more acceptable to his sense of masculinity.
The doll is therefore suitable for boys and girls, playing the dual purpose of making sciences more appealing to girls while not alienating boys.
Now onto the experiment. The major problem we had was a lack of household items so there was some pretty frantic hunting around for suitable products because the kids simply did not want to wait!
The experiment itself was fun and I’d like to try it again when I have more soap base. The instructions are easy to follow but the pouring of the liquid soap was a bit fiddly so we compromised a little on the design. The soap we made looks very rustic but I think you can tell it is a lemon 🙂


And now you have a chance to win your own Project MC2 doll (the PR company has said it will be Amber or Camryn which both look fab so lucky you!)


Project MC2 doll set

*I was sent the doll for the purpose of the review, all photos, videos and opinions are my own.

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  1. I think that it is amazing that they are working on ways to make STEM more appealing to girls and it is something that I encourage should be open to both sexes. Knowledge should be inclusive not exclusive! x

  2. Love the rustic look! Science is definitely not a male only thing but I’m not sure how I feel about the doll’s outfit – not really gender inclusive is it? hahaha unless it’s a ploy to get people buying more outfits l!

  3. What a great idea! A doll and experiment to do too! I like the way it’s incorporating science and girls. The series is pretty cool too, my 7 year old watches it on YouTube 🙂

  4. My boys both love playing with dolls, even the 7 year old. He’s quite happy to admit it. He likes to go and play dolls with the girl who lives downstairs from us.

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